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Who We Are: Moms to Moms

There is nothing like the beautiful bond and true love between mother and child. The most special moments in life are those spent together with your little angel(s). Next to sharing a special bond together, especially moms and their little girls often share a love of dressing up and feeling pretty. And it gets even more fun when you do it together in matching outfits (‘twinning’).

This is what inspired me to start Just Like Mommy’z. I want all moms and daughters on this beautiful planet to experience those precious and priceless moments together.
The cute little tulip in the logo represents exactly that: the beauty, elegance, color, and strength in all of us.

Unique and handmade dresses and accessories
At Just Like Mommy’z, we design and create elegant matching dresses for mother and daughter. All our dresses are hand-sewn by professionals who are also real moms.

We select the most beautiful and flattering fabrics that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. To complement your dress, you can choose from our charming gemstone jewelry and hair accessories. All handmade to give you and your daughter an amazing and unique matching look.

About me
I have lived in several places around the world before I settled here in the beautiful Netherlands. And although cultures and habits can be quite different around the world, I noticed that there is always one thing that unites all mothers; their love for their little ones and creating special happy moments together. As a late mama, something I thankfully get to experience myself with my precious little daughter L. Anna.

That’s why, after having worked for large multinationals, I decided to go for what I truly believe in and feel passionate about: contributing to those happy moments you create between you and your precious little one! 

Check out our website for all the designs we currently offer. All the models in the pictures in our lookbook and on our website, are real mothers and daughters (and sometimes sons, as we love creating special moments for them, too, of course!).

Also check out our Pretty Mama & Me Club and join us! Become a member for free and enjoy exclusive membership benefits!

On behalf of all pretty mommies and daughters here @ Just Like Mommy’z,

With Love,

Mama Z. and my precious L. 

Mama and me matching dresses Just Like Mommy

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